Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scoreboard Questions Answered

This post is for my own benefit as well as others.
I recently had an email question about the scoreboard. Below you will find a transcript of the questions as well as my responses.
I hope it will be of use to some of you that are just starting out with WBT! I've let my scoreboard number slack off and am hoping to get that excitement and energy back into my class.
I am just trying bits of WBT this year.  I’m not having as much buy in to the idea of the scoreboard as I wanted.  I think there’s a few reasons, but could use some ideas.  I don’t think I’m using it often enough.  When do you use it?  I find kids are very slow at transitions and getting a smiley or frownie doesn’t mean a lot to some of them.
Another point I’m struggling with is how often and with what can I reward them for smiley frownies?  I was trying the “minute of extra” recess based on count @ end of day.  The transition issue, impacts this extra time… I haven’t trained them well enough somehow to line up quietly so we take too long and the extra minute is gone (so they don’t see the reward for smiley / frownie).  It’s a challenge to stop and count the total at the end of the day. I often don’t do it with the class until the next morning (which isn’t too terrible since the extra recess time is the that day) Any suggestions?  Should I build in more  small rewards (we have an am recess and then a lunch recess)?  Should I do the scoreboard from after AM recess until AM recess the next day?
I don’t understand “fun bursts”..could I mix these in somehow?
Interested in WBT but confused,

The key to the scoreboard is using it to the max! When you are putting 30-40 tallies on each day—you are keeping the kids pumped and “in the game”. I have to admit…it can slide by! I only had about 10 marks up last Friday! That’s the worst I’ve done. And I can tell a big difference when I let it slip!

Someone on the forums put together a nice list of rewards for winning the scoreboard. You might search for it. Some other ideas are:

A hand stamp, a sticker, 1 minute more center time, 1 minute more story time, get the principal to come in and congratulate them, let them choose where to sit for one class period, let them read with a friend during silent reading time, let them read with a stuffed animal during silent reading time…find things that will motivate them! Give them a few of the options and let them vote at the beginning of the day. Their buy in is crucial!

I’ve also done long-term rewards like giving one letter in the word MOVIE for each day they win the scoreboard. When they spell the word, they get the reward. We eat lunch in our classroom, so this is an easy reward for me to do during lunch.

Fun bursts are short periods of “practicing” the behaviors you are wanting—and ping ponging the scoreboard. Like this:

“Rule 1-“ (follow directions quickly)
“Oh, not fast enough!” –frownie/mighty groan
“Raise your hands.” (they do it quickly) “That’s what I’m talking about!” –smiley/oh yeah
“stand up” too slow, “sit down” yes! Etc….back and forth—giving smilies/frownies and getting ENERGY flowing in the room!
 As for lining up, I NEVER thought the 3peat of Lines, Lines, Lines would work for me. I thought it would be chaos! But, after really introducing it, modeling it, practicing it…my kids do it marvelously! It is quick and easy.

 Another thing that has helped me this year is a portable scoreboard and mini dry-erase marker. These help me keep track of points whenever I need to give them. I made the scoreboard small enough to fit in a badge holder on a lanyard. It is great having it so handy!

 Hope some of these ideas help! Keep at it! It is the most amazing way of teaching I’ve ever found.
One last scoreboard question/clarification…what about when you win the scoreboard?  Like I said, I just did 1-2 minutes on or off recess.  Do they lose something every day or just NOT earn the priviledge?
On the positive, you do reward it daily? Do you count the total at the end of the day so they see where they stood.  Do you feel it’s more effective to have the reward be that day (rather than the following day , like I’ve been doing with earning extra recess time).
Thanks again,
Sometimes they can lose recess time, or lose a privilege. Or they can just not earn the agreed upon reward.. Daily is best!

The kids can see the scoreboard and the tallies. I will also announce near the end of the day if they are really close, or "even Steven", so they can try to earn those last smilies...especially during dismissal!

It doesn't really take much time to see the total if you keep both sides even...remember YOU are in control of the scoreboard. Use it to your advantage!
Thank you so much for your quick and detailed response. I know there’s the You Tube videos, blogs etc. but I sure wish I could visit a classroom with it in place. Thanks again,

There is it! Hope it helps some of you, too!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WBT Video - Attempt #1

Finally...I have my first attempt at my WBT video for certification. I know I will need to do a few before I get to the exemplary level, but this might help some of you out there!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guided Math

Last year I tried doing my math groups based on Debbie Diller's book, Math Stations. I have to admit, it was a lot of work, changing out my stations on a weekly, bi-weekly basis and having 10-12 stations going at once.
So this year, I've gone back to how I set up guided math in the past.
I have 4 groups and meet with each group daily. I have 4 activities (including meeting with me for the lesson). I've seen cute acronyms for the centers, but not any that will fit with my camping theme...so I racked my brain and came up with
the Math PATH!
I love it! It fits perfectly and my kids LOVE it.
I've packaged it up and have it available in my TpT store.
Here is a preview:
 How is your guided math going this year?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Video Time! (turned evaluation~)

Well, I was all pumped up and ready to video on Friday...but found out I have to have my evaluation by administration this week...and my video lesson is all ready...so, unless I can video AND have my evaluation at the same time, I might have to put it off yet another week. :(

I planned on doing the noun Power Pix. I had seen some cute noun anchor charts on Pinterest, so I created my own camping anchor charts to go along with the lesson. I also created some for my verb lesson next week. (Might have to video that one!) Head over to my TpT store if you like them!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SIW is Up and Going!

I finally got my SIW going this week!
My kids won at the scoreboard, so I told them...this was the day. I waited until I caught one of my kiddos making an improvement and then I jumped up and down and yelled out, "It's time, it's time!" They were so excited. I explained what my super, exciting, bestest thing in the entire world was...and told them it was to keep track of their improvements. We did a teach session on what an improvement was. I heard some good answers, but one was superb...when we get better at something. That's it!
Then, I told the class I had just seen one of them getting better at something. I had them guess who...lots of names were flying around. Then I told them who it was and that he was actually using GESTURES when he was teaching with his partner. I made a big deal about it, because they KNOW how I expect them to use big gestures! I punched his star and he just BEAMED!
It was priceless.
Later in the day, we were at the carpet and I had them teach their neighbors something...another little boy that has struggled with talking at ALL during teach/ok was using gestures (small) and teaching. I called out, "CLASS!" and got their attention. I bragged on him and put up a star punch on his tent. He loved it.
The next day, during writing class while I was monitoring the room I noticed that a little girl that struggled with putting spaces between her words from the start of school had nice spacing. I've praised her several times during the last couple of weeks. I stopped the class and shared that I was giving out another star on our Improvers wall.
My kiddos are eating it up! I've got to start tracking the stars I give out and looking for more stars to give. I don't want to give stars for minimal improvements, but for big efforts! What I am looking for here at the beginning are for students that have struggled with teaching and gesturing and mirroring my gestures. I want to get them on board right away.
I'm loving this new addition to our management plan and my kids are too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting Ready for My SIW!

This is the week! We are starting the Super Improvers' Wall one way or another. At the beginning of last week I started really talking about the super, awesome, bestest thing EVER that I had to tell them about. I had them BEGGING me to tell them.
Unfortunatley (*wink) I ran out of time the first day. Something came up the next also, then they lost at the scoreboard game the next. I said for losing the scoreboard game, they'd have to wait to hear about my SUPER, bestest, most amazing thing EVER! You should have heard the moans, the begging and pleading!
That happened again the next day. Oh, man--they want to know my secret SOOooo bad! I love it.
I had to have a sub today while I stayed home with my sick son.
So...tomorrow I plan on unveiling the mystery behind the SIW.
I didn't drag mine out like some...(such creative ideas!) but I still have them wanting it! I had an earlier post about the form I made to go along with tracking improvements and goals. I hope it helps me stay accountable and give those stars out!
I've decided on using a star punch to mark their tents each time I give them an improvement star.
Can't wait!
I've also been dreaming (literally) about my WBT Certification video! I am starting it for SURE this week. I have 2 photo release forms still out, but I'm getting started anyway. :)
Congratulations to the FIRST Certified WBT: Lindsey Roush!
10 finger Woooooooo!
See her video here on YouTube.
Wib On...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

WBT Certification and Some Freebies

I am so excited to be in the top rankings for
Whole Brain Teaching Certification!
I will be filming my teaching video in the next couple of weeks.
Then, all I'll have left is the oral interview and I'll be a Certified WBT Instructor! Yippee.
This class is still doing great. I'm loving it.
I have a couple that don't seem to be aware of their surroundings and are completely oblivious to class/yes and some of our other routines. It baffles me! I'll try to use the scoreboard to motivate them, but they will just look at me. They are really good kids, just not that into all the "hype!" Does anyone else have any kiddos like that?
I had two half-day sub days this week for DIBELS testing (about 98% of my class is ABOVE benchmark! Wow.) Those days I saw a marked change in behavior and the overall atmosphere of my room when I returned for the afternoon. The teacher was great and tried to use class/yes and the scoreboard--but only had a few tallies on it when I returned each day.
I'm still struggling to work that scoreboard to my advantage and ping-pong the points to get the class motivated. As always, when I stay hyped and excited -- so do they! I know if there is a lull in participation and motivation, I'm not doing my part!
On to my next WBT addition this year: The Forgotten Jewel of Whole Brain Teaching!
I created a handy-dandy tracking sheet so I can record observations, SIW stars (when I start that) and the weekly "score."
(Keep reading and I'll share it!)
The forgotten jewel is coming up with a classroom management average by assigning each student a score between 1 and 4. Add all the scores together and divide by the number of students in your class.
The key:
4=model student (always on task)
3=go along (follows model student)
2=fence sitter (some on/off days)
1=challenging (rarely on task)
My first full week CMA=2.54
I only had two 4s. The goal is to work on the 3s and help them move up to 4s and help your 2s move up to 3s, etc.
I'm interested to see how this works for me!
Click the picture below to get your free form:
For our space unit, I created 4 power pix to use for our vocabulary.
Click below if you'd like to grab them as well!
I have uploaded my Power Pix AND Power Pix Templates to Google Docs. You need PowerPoint to open and edit!
Show some love...leave a comment!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WBT Lesson Format

Just a quick note today.
I have to mention my experience with math class today. 
We have a new series and I am not familiar with it...it's a teach as you go thing!
And, alas...I have NOT gotten the 5-step lesson plan mastered yet! I am working on it!
So...I had a vocab page before the lesson worksheets. We were doing it together, it was confusing for the kids and didn't make much sense to me. Finally, I went over and grabbed the addition power pix poster and started over! Oh, yeah. SAVE. We talked about what addition meant, taught each other and then I asked...
Class? Yes!
Which way was easier for you to understand? The worksheet or the power pix?
There was an overwhelming cheer as they pointed to the power pix!
Sweet! What was I thinking teaching that awful worksheet?

Next, I created a power pix for science. 
Q: What is a star?
A: A star is a HUGE ball of gas that is held together by gravity. It gets so hot inside that it produces ENERGY!
(I'll try to explain the gestures!)
Hold hands up like twinkle lights (star)
Make a big circle with your arms (HUGE)
Interlaced fingers (together)
Pretend to pull down a window shade (gravity)
Mix a pretend bowl (inside of star)
Hold hands way out to sides as you say emphatically...ENERGY

The kids loved it!

Downside--I'm slacking on the scoreboard and can tell.
I've gotta get more scores on there! Keep the "game" going!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

FB Whole Brain Teaching Mini-Lessons

If you aren't a fan of the WBT Facebook page, head on over there and "like" it right away! Coach B is offering little mini-lessons on WBT techniques! Right now he is concentrating on critical thinking in the classroom! Who couldn't use some extra help in that area?

The more comments and likes each lesson gets, the more lessons will be provided. This is a great resource when you just have a few seconds and want a quick WBT jolt of learning! I think it is Coach B's way of adding some little "fun bursts" into our day!

Last year I was using the core 4-class/yes, scoreboard, teach/ok, and mirrors. I thought I was doing pretty well at being a WB teacher! My kids were engaged and having fun. I was having fun. But, I was clearly lacking the critical thinking piece.

I have already started using the "because clapper" with my firsties this year. They are really catching onto it and I see how important it is for them to connect their opinions with reasons and examples. There is a much deeper understanding of our lessons when this happens.

If you are struggling with critical thinking in your classroom, head over for some quick ideas on FB--or better yet, hop on over to www.wholebrainteaching.com and watch some of the archived webcasts or download a free eBook!

This is by far the most amazing thing I have stumbled on in my teaching career. It will make such a difference in your classroom environment, you’ll soon be a believer too!

Friday, August 17, 2012

After 3 days with WBT

I have had an amazing first 3 days with my little campers. They are picking up on WBT so fast. I couldn't be more proud of them. 

Some of today's highlights:
-we learned our last rule set, then practiced with teack/ok AND switch! I even added the "because clapper" - and they took to it like moths to a flame! 
-we had a power pic lesson on sentences. I added a few gestures to the ones already on the card...When we say, "A sentence is a complete message that MUST begin with a capital letter and end with an end mark," we reach up to the ceiling when we say capital and hold both our hands out (like saying HALT) when we say end.

I have a university education major doing her pre-session practicum in my classroom and she was so impressed with our WBT! She couldn't believe this was only their 3rd day with me. It looked more like the first quarter or even semester, she said! (Ahhhh....I'm loving it!)

Here is a picture of my whiteboard today--with my 3 rule posters and the other WBT posters we have learned. I didn't get as many tallies on the scoreboard due to having 10 pages of pre-assessments for our new math curriculum! That took up most of our day--YUCK.

We have even started keeping track of one activity on the board-putting supplies away. The 31 seconds was when one of my darlings had dumped ALL her markers out and couldn't get them back in the box in a timely manner. (We had a little mini-lesson on that afterwards!)

Here is my Power Pix Wall:

I followed the Power Pix lesson outline today-I downloaded them on my iPad so I could access them quickly when needed! We got down through the yes/no way part.

I am looking forward to my first WHOLE week with WBT! I am so grateful to have found such a life-changing movement dedicated to helping teachers bring learning fun into the classroom. I can't imagine teaching any other way now. I have been sharing it with other teachers this week and they said they want me to do an inservice day and teach them about my "whole brain stuff!" And--my practicum student wants to learn more about WBT! 

Can I hear an, "Oh, YEAH!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day with WBT!

Oh My!
I absolutely LOVED how our first day went.
It was so amazing and I am in awe of how well my little campers picked up on WBT! Of course I had a great outline to go by.

First of all, after parents were finished dropping them off, taking pictures and unloading school supplies I called for the class's attention - alas, no class/yes ... YET! They were eager and ready to listen anyway. Back up for one second-on their morning work activity they had a place to write their teacher's name. I told them it was posted some place in the room--most of them found it pretty quickly. I gave those that couldn't pick it out a hint (it is RED). So, when I was ready to introduce myself, I counted to 3 and had them say my name out loud. Then I explained that when I was talking, I expected them to look at me and stop talking (using gestures as I explained, of course). They responded well, and we went straight into the class/yes lesson.

The first few times I did not have as many responses as I would have liked, but we kept on plugging away! They had a bit of a harder time with the "anyway I say class, you say yes" part, which surprised me. They finally got the hang of it and did a good job the rest of the day--with some reminders of how to fold their hands and LOOK at me! Overall, I was pleased. :)

Next, we practiced rule 1. Fun! Since my 3 rules are adaptations of the 5, I introduced the first part of my rule 1--"follow directions quickly". Success! We practiced all day long--with LOTS of fun bursts thrown in randomly. After several practice sessions, I added the rest of it--(...do your best...make smart choices for all the rest) but we concentrated on the directions part for today.

Next, the scoreboard game. I LOVE introducing it as a game. I did not do it that way last year. It was so energetic and motivating for the kids, especially when I would give a smiley for a great job, but follow it up with a frownie for the few that were not looking, quieting down, etc. It got a few more on board rather quickly. TEACHER HEAVEN!

Here is my scoreboard at the end of the day (along with my Happy Camper lanyard--it has a scoreboard on one side and class roster checklist on the other).

I am so excited about how today went...I can't think straight! I hope my rambling makes sense! (By the way, they each got a s'more hand stamp for beating me at the scoreboard game!)

I introduced mirrors, the 3peat, teach/ok (yes, in first!) and did a power pic lesson on letters and words.

My big ahah moment was when I decided to try the 3peat for lines. I had never attempted it last year. I did bodies and chairs and other simple commands, but not LINES--wouldn't everyone lining up at the same time be chaos? NO---not the WBT way!

I did lots of prep work before we tried it...explaining how those closest to the door would obviously be the first to line up, how we must walk and how it was not a race. I asked it the tables in the front of the room should be first in line...they said, "no!"
AND--we even did a because---in response to, does it matter who gets in line first? No, BECAUSE we are all going to the same place, was their reply. (They are so smart!)

So...I took the plunge. I said, "LINES." They did it! Oh, sweet mama, I could hardly believe it! The next time, I was actually able to walk to the front of the line and out the door to recess...they were so quiet and orderly. I'm a believer!

I can't think if I did anything else today, but I'm so excited to be starting my year off the WBT way. Thank you, Coach B. for a wonderful outline and all the support you give us that makes teaching so enjoyable!

Here are some pictures of my classroom. I've already posted my Super Improver's Wall and Power Pic wall--(oops, didn't get a pic today after I added my two pics!)

How about you? How was your first day with WBT?
(Remember, if you'd like to know more about this amazing movement, just go to www.wholebrainteaching.com!)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

WBT Webcasts and New Camping Products!

If you haven't been tuning into the WBT webcasts over the last few weeks, you are missing out. Coach B is explaining how to set up your first hour, day and week in your Whole Brain Classroom!
Woo Hoo!

The next FREE webinar is Tuesday night.

Another WBT site to check out is the

Last thing for today...
I've been working on a cute banner set for my classroom (camping themed of course!) and I've finished it. There are 5 complete A-Z sets in 5 colors (brown, green, blue, red, gold).

You can head over to TpT to get yours!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WBT Rules and Posters FREEBIE

Greetings again, Wibbeteers! I've been enjoying my morning by watching the latest Webcast on the First Hour of WBT!!

Next, I revamped my rules posters to make them a little more CAMPY!

As stated in an earlier post, I rewrote the rules to fit my classroom and style. They rhyme and fit into our 3 rules:
Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

This is a FREEBIE in my TpT store! Click on the pic to grab your set:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've Been Busy!

I'm so excited to share with you all the things I got done in my classroom today!

First off, I have been in love with a pin about using Sterlite drawers to organize by the week...

I'm Sooooo excited! I'm putting weekly materials for phonics and Bible. My reading and ss/sc units are already organized by themes. Woo Hoo!

Next, I started on more organization.
I printed out all my pins and hole-punched them to put into a binder...now if I just had a cute cover for it!

TADA again...

If you'd love your own copy, it's in my TpT store for...

Last of all, I was on a roll and decided to update my plan book:

Then I went all out and made more covers and labels!
Check my CAMP Teacher Binder Covers set in my TpT store!

Well, that's it for today. Hope you found some inspiration!
Camp on!

Monday, July 23, 2012

WBT Camping Poster

I just saw the cutest poster on Pinterest from Tara at

Little Minds at Work

about WBT in your classroom! I jumped right on it and created one for my camping classroom. It is a freebie at my TpT store.

Check out her blog for more WBT goodies!

And here is my poster (click it to go grab your freebie!)

Shutterfly Teacher Sites

If you haven't heard of the amazing service Shutterfly does for teachers, you've gotta check it out! It's free.

You can create a password/invitation only website for your class, include class roster and contact information, events, timelines, photos, volunteer sign-ups, and post pictures of your class! Whew...

I didn't get to use this much last year, but I plan on starting the year with it and using it to the max.

It will even email all members with upcoming event notificaitons, remind them about items they've signed up for, and ask them to post pictures after events!

Head over to Shutterfly.com and get your site set up and ready for the new year.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Super Improvers' Wall is Up!

I am SO excited! I've got my Super Improvers' Wall up and ready to go for next school year.

I've been seeing some really cute themes applied to the walls and had a creative block for a while trying to come up with something to go with my camping theme. But, here it is...and I LOVE it!

As you can see, I will be using tents for my name cards. I spent over an hour punching out 24 tents in 10 colors~
but aren't they adorable?

As for my levels, I decided to go for a road trip kind of theme. Novice campers are not going to jump right in, they have to get their toes wet first! Sooooo...

1. White-picnic
2. Gray-campfire
3. Tan-Greenway hike (local park)
4. Yellow-backyard camping
5. Orange-Harrison Bay State Park (20 min. away)
6. Green-Cherokee National Forest
7. Lt. Blue-Great Smoky Mtns. National Park
8. Blue-Grand Canyon National Park
9. Red-Yosemite National Park
10. Black-Yellowstone National Park (the 1st National Park!)

I plan on creating a map with each destination on it. I'll even throw in some facts about each location. I'm getting excited about it!

Now, I've already had a forum post about the SIW...but for those of you that are NOT Wibbeteers, I'll give a brief explanation.

The Super Improvers' Wall is a motivating behavioral modification tool! It rewards students for making improvements in ANY area (yes, ANY!). If little Johnny finally gets his desk cleared off-give him a star. If Susie does not complain for a whole day-give her a star. Any improvements you see and want your kiddos to be proud about-give a star for it.

When a student gets 10 stars on their card, they get to move up to the next color level! (Hey, is that it? No stickers or treasure box???) Exactly!

I have never used the SIW, but have seen marvelous posts by other Whole Brain Teachers that say it is pure teacher HEAVEN!
Problem students magically become motivated to earn those stars and move up the levels!

My fear~
consistently giving out those stars! I have to really be on my toes.
Anyone else have a SIW and want to share?

Want to learn more about this amazing system?
Find out at the WBT site. It's FREE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My WBT Power Pics Wall is Up!

I am so excited to get my Power Pics Wall figured out for next year! I changed my previous "focus wall" to it. I will use magnetic clips OR as shown in the lower left picture, suction hooks. I have a whole bag somewhere in my classroom, but can't find them at the moment. I think hole-punching the cards and hanging them as needed will work out very nicely.

I have numbered the top of each section and have letters going down the middle. I will use that for both sections even if it will be backwards for the left side! This addition will be such a great tool in my classroom.

Some of you may be wondering just what is a power pic wall? I'm glad you asked! It is a strategy used in a Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) classroom. The pics are incorporated into lessons and then placed on the wall for reference. Each pic has a question, answer and gesture for key concepts in language arts and math.

This is an example for tally marks:

Question: What are tally marks:
Answer: Tally marks are marks in groups of five.
Gesture: Hold up four fingers on one hand and then cross them with one finger from the other hand, symbolizing four tally marks crossed by a fifth mark.

 I actually modified this gesture: when we answer, "Tally marks are" we hold up one finger for each of the last words and cross with our thumbs on the last word, "marks (1) in (2) groups (3) of (4) five (cross with thumb)."

I used this power pic once a day each week during calendar math (on Tally Mark Tuesdays)! I didn't get into many of the power pics last year, so this year I am excited about intentionally incorporating them into my lessons. They will fit in nicely with the common core standards we will be using next year.
Power Pics are very useful in getting students to think about the things they are learning. As they learn each power pic and revisit them often, it reinforces key skills and concepts. When you throw in the teach/ok strategy, students are given the opportunity to internalize the concept and explain it to others.
This is a free download on the WBT website! Hop on over there and check it out—along with other amazing strategies to help you get pumped about setting up your classroom, teaching standards and dealing with those challenging darlings!

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Camping Behavior Pack on TpT!

I am SOOOooo excited to share with you my new Camping Behavior Pack. It is cute and fun--keeping you very organized with your behavior tracking.

I will be using it this year with my WBT rules and practice cards--which my badges fit in with nicely.

Head over to my TpT store and check it out!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WBT Certification Program

Just what is all the hype about, you ask?

Since I found out about Whole Brain Teaching last August, I have had so much fun (yes fun) learning as much as I can about it. I incorporated several basic parts of WBT into my classroom and dreamed of how to get more of it going.

This summer, as I was making plans for next year and making sure to include WBT in them, I discovered the WBT Certification Program. I was pumped! I'd already been watching some of the webcasts offered on the wholebrainteaching.com website (all free, by the way). Now I am going to have the chance to officially become a WBT teacher.

I have had wonderful support from my administration about using WBT in my classroom. My principal and curriculum VP have both encouraged me to continue using and sharing what I've learned with the staff. I see a professional development session coming up in my future!

Tonight will be the kick-off live webcast! I can't wait.
Tune in:

5 PM Western
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern

One of my only concerns about the certification process is the video requirement. I kept meaning to make one during last school year and never got the chance. That will most definitely come up during the webcast tonight, so my questions about it should receive an answer fairly soon!

**I believe everyone attending the LIVE session this evening will be awarded some Certification Points just for being there!**

110 CP
Webcasts (2)
Facebook (1)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving WBT posts :)

(**I'm moving this from the WBT page--sorry for any confusion! Original post dates are listed**)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well, it has been a while since my last update. I should get a mighty "groan" for that! But....I am excited to report I took a professional day off of school to revamp my WBT enthusiasm and techniques! I watched several webcasts and will send in my PayPal money for the certificates! They were great! I have added the GUFF counter to my scoreboard. It is amazing how much "back talk" really goes on in the classroom without me even realizing it! The kids have caught on famously and only get the wording confused because I introduced it the wrong way (that's what I get for being enthusiastic...didn't get my ducks in a row!) They say either stop that, stop please or please stop!! LOL--I told them they'd catch on in a few days!

Another thing they are LOVING is using the timer! WOW, what an awesome tool. We waste Sooooo much time it seems. I started the timer Monday when we came in from recess and were getting drinks etc, before coming to the carpet for SSR. It was a whopping 4 minutes flat. Something happened and I didn't time them Tuesday, but today...we did it in 1:28!!!!! What an improvement (OH YEAH!)

Next, I plan on starting the Super Improvers Wall...they are gonna eat that up!

I also interjected LOTS of energy, built suspense, and let them know how EXCITED I was to teach them about ____. I felt their enthusiasm in return. What a fabulous way to teach. I got lots of hugs over the last two days! Love it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We just finished up with our first quarter and parent/teacher conferences are behind us (all but 3).

I love how things are going in classroom as I try to implement WBT! The kids are still responding well to it and love the opportunities for movement, talking and teaching, and mirroring my moves. I'm having fun coming up with motions/gestures to explain concepts! They just seem to start pouring in once you start thinking that way!

Some things I still need to work on:
  • Staying energetic throughout the day! (sometimes I fizzle and I can tell a difference in the room)
  • Reciting rules throughout day (sometimes I only hit once and I pay for it later!)
  • Staying positive and not scolding (this is a definite area for improvement: put on that smile!)
  • Adding new pieces to what we have in place (Super Improvers wall...)
  • Finding an area for the Power Pix Wall (that might have to wait until next year)
I've had the opportunity to share some of our WBT classroom techniques with our Principal, our VP of curriculum and one of our District Superintendents. They were very impressed. :)
It has been such a blessing for me this year.

One thing that helps me is reviewing some of the YouTube videos posted out there and reading over some blog entries. I don't frequent the forum much right now, but plan on hitting it more also. I know this is something I am going to continue learning about and using in my classroom! 

My FIRST Award!

I am so honored to receive the Liebster Award!
(and a little VERY embarressed to be so late accepting it!)

Thank you SOOOoo much to
So, the purpose of this award is to highlight new bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. Thank the giver and link back to them.
3. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here is the hard part....my top 5 picks! 

1. Julie at Southern Teacher WBT (she's BRAND new and has a great Whole Brain Teaching Blog!)
4. Danielle from LaSota's Little Learners (wow!! She's got lots of great stuff on her blog!)

Yeah! I did it! Hope you enjoy visiting these blogs and find some new friends!

Whole Brain Teaching Linky Party and Certification...Oh YEAH!

Whole Brain Teaching Blog Sites Linky Party!!

I'm finding all kinds of great sites. Love it. As I start in with WBT certification, I hope to share and learn from others.

To find out more about WBT certification, click below:


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