Sunday, October 28, 2012

WBT Video - Attempt #1

Finally...I have my first attempt at my WBT video for certification. I know I will need to do a few before I get to the exemplary level, but this might help some of you out there!

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  1. Melissa,

    Let me be the first to comment my fellow Wibbiteer!!! Great video!!! As one of my staple go to lessons for demonstrating WBT in classrooms, you did a great job of presenting the material. Great enthusiastic teaching and the kids are engaged. I would have loved to have seen more scoreboard action!! When the kids got a bit loud for you liking would have been a great scoreboard moment and a 30 second break to practice voices...just my input!!! Overall...great job girl!!! It can be a bit scary when opening the door up to the world into our little classrooms!!! Love it Love it Love!! Can't wait to see more!



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