Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School is Just Around the Corner...

I will be going back to school NEXT WEEK!! Yikes...where did the summer go? I'm a little excited, I must admit. I've been so busy getting my Camping Sets ready--I get to update and beautify my own room as well! Please look for updated pictures on my Camping Classroom page soon!
My HUGE Classroom Theme kit is up on TpT (see post below). I've also had a request to break apart some of the items into smaller sets, so I'm working on that right now.
Today I hope to break my losing streak of not getting in our pool ONCE this entire's been a soggy one!
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sneak Peek! New Camping Products!

I am camping (I know, ironic!) so I can't post my new products until next week...but I've been working on finishing up these two products- 

Camping Calendar Time (ACTIVboard Flipchart)

And my amazingly HUGE Camping Classroom Theme Kit!

I will update with links when they get posted!

Hope everyone is enjoying the remaining days of summer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tinkering!

I can't believe my summer is almost gone!
We've been getting *drenched* here in our little corner of the world! I haven't even gotten in the pool yet!
Next week we are camping--then I have one week to get anything done in my classroom before I officially have to report on August 1. How sad is that!
We have Open House (look for a post coming soon on that...)
the night before school starts...OH MY!
Well, here are my tinkerings for today!
I created this set of Read the Room labels for my camping classroom and thought some of my fellow Campers might like them as well! They are in my TpT store.
While I was rummaging through some of my files, I came across a cute little 100th Day Snack Pack Topper I created last year. I made a couple additional options added them to my TpT store as well. They are editable in PowerPoint!
I've also been dreaming about reorganizing my classroom--which was actually a summer-long project that I haven't begun...yikes!
I DID update my "Camping Classroom" page (at the top of this page--check it out!) and will try to add more pictures when I've finished for this year!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Table Organization

As many teachers begin to prepare for the upcoming school year, I thought I'd share some tips on organizing tables.
I absolutely *love* tables! When I switched classrooms, I had desks for one year and hated it. If you are a table person, here are some ideas for you!
I color code my table groups. Look carefully and you can see the colored TENT signs hanging above each "campsite," as we refer to our groups in our room.
The bins you see on the tables in the picture above (and the trays in the title picture) are from Oriental Trading. I also have a class set of scissors in the same colors. I found plastic cups in 4 of the colors (plus 2 clear) at WalMart. We keep pencils in the cup, glue sticks, scissors, erasers, name tags, etc. in the bin. I added the tray after the start of last year. It has worked wonders for keeping up with "work in progress!" Students put their work in the tray and can pull it out to finish when they have time, or when we work on it again.
I also can't imagine not having my chair bags! They are amazing and very reasonably priced. This will be my 6th year with them and they are holding up great. I think I had ONE that has gotten torn!
The kids keep their CAMP notebook, journal, and math book in the deep pocket, and their color crayons and markers in the little pockets.
Look them up at
To help keep clutter and mess to a minimum, every Friday for morning work the kids empty out and clean their chair bags and trays.


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