Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Classroom Theme Sets

I want to develop a few more classroom theme sets before school starts again. Here are 4 ideas. 
Vote on your favorite! Most votes gets done first!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Setting Up My Art Room...Part 1

I am transitioning from first grade (*sob) to Art and Computer Instruction PreK-5th Grade.

Besides having to clear out my beautiful camping classroom, I have get to set up TWO new classrooms for the upcoming school year.

I've been pouring through Pinterest pins and finding things I want to incorporate. One thing our previous art teachers didn't have is a meeting rug! Well, excuse me! Coming from 1st Grade, how could I NOT have a meeting area for my youngsters!

Dilemma: Have you priced cute art rugs?

Momeni Lil' Mo Hipster Ivory Splash Rug (5' x 7')

at is $299!

I had a very specific need: 24 little bodies with their own place to sit AND something way, way cheaper than $300!

So, I saw posts about painting on carpet! LIGHTBULB moment!

Here is my art room rug for under $50! 

I started with a 5x7 carpet from WalMart for $19.97

Next, I printed out 3 paint splats and traced over them onto 3 Plaid make your own stencil sheets.

I used a spray glue to coat the backs of the stencils and laid them out on the carpet. I applied one coat of white. I used Plaid's Folk Art Multi-Surface (fabric included) acrylic paint and a trim roller.

I decided I better space out my stencils better before painting them all, so I cut 7x10 pieces of paper and positioned them on the carpet (not exact).

Much better! Now I could finish painting all the splats.
 I let the paint dry overnight. I couldn't WAIT to see the rug with colorful splats on it!

Day 2:
I used the same three stencils and decided on a paint scheme.
Here you can see I only have blue left to paint.
Here is the finished rug! Notice the bookshelf behind it...
All, in all, this rug cost around $50!

Project 2: Plastic Tablecover Shelf Curtains

I won't go into how I made the curtains...there are several posts about it out there...but I must say, I LOVE it!!!!

I will post more pics of my new art room soon! Stay tuned!


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