Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Setting Up My Art Room...Part 1

I am transitioning from first grade (*sob) to Art and Computer Instruction PreK-5th Grade.

Besides having to clear out my beautiful camping classroom, I have get to set up TWO new classrooms for the upcoming school year.

I've been pouring through Pinterest pins and finding things I want to incorporate. One thing our previous art teachers didn't have is a meeting rug! Well, excuse me! Coming from 1st Grade, how could I NOT have a meeting area for my youngsters!

Dilemma: Have you priced cute art rugs?

Momeni Lil' Mo Hipster Ivory Splash Rug (5' x 7')

at Overstock.com is $299!

I had a very specific need: 24 little bodies with their own place to sit AND something way, way cheaper than $300!

So, I saw posts about painting on carpet! LIGHTBULB moment!

Here is my art room rug for under $50! 

I started with a 5x7 carpet from WalMart for $19.97

Next, I printed out 3 paint splats and traced over them onto 3 Plaid make your own stencil sheets.

I used a spray glue to coat the backs of the stencils and laid them out on the carpet. I applied one coat of white. I used Plaid's Folk Art Multi-Surface (fabric included) acrylic paint and a trim roller.

I decided I better space out my stencils better before painting them all, so I cut 7x10 pieces of paper and positioned them on the carpet (not exact).

Much better! Now I could finish painting all the splats.
 I let the paint dry overnight. I couldn't WAIT to see the rug with colorful splats on it!

Day 2:
I used the same three stencils and decided on a paint scheme.
Here you can see I only have blue left to paint.
Here is the finished rug! Notice the bookshelf behind it...
All, in all, this rug cost around $50!

Project 2: Plastic Tablecover Shelf Curtains

I won't go into how I made the curtains...there are several posts about it out there...but I must say, I LOVE it!!!!

I will post more pics of my new art room soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Love it! Need this for my art room.

  2. Hi! How has this held up over the years?

  3. Hi! How has this held up over the years?

    1. Unfortunately, it faded rather quickly. I should have used the Scotchguard fabric protection spray! Lesson learned. (Or, just use a paint specifically designed for fabric.) ;)

  4. Did you paint them white first? Then the color?



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