Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sneak Peek...My New Writing Camp Kit

I can't wait to get this set finished...
I am soooo excited to get back to writing workshop in my classroom!
I'm not using this writing process pocket chart, so I stuck my new posters in it! I LOVE my camp acronym!
I will be doing a short 30-min. workshop and meet with one set of students a day. (*4 days a week). The other 3 groups will do one of the other activities.
I already do guided reading and math, so I'm thrilled to let this spill over to my writing time.
I will post the link when the set is finished! Until then...
look at how cute it is going to be!
Better yet, follow my TpT store to be notified when it is added!
*Update: It's been added! Click the picture below or here.
(Also, I changed the A to Active Writing)

1 comment:

  1. This should keep the kids attentive throughout the schoolday! Some children have a tough time on focusing. With this project of yours, children would get to know what they are actually doing, helping them concentrate at their tasks later on. It won't work though if the finished product doesn't grab their attention. Hopefully, this would inspire other teachers to be more creative while teaching. Cheers!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy & Printing



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