Friday, August 17, 2012

After 3 days with WBT

I have had an amazing first 3 days with my little campers. They are picking up on WBT so fast. I couldn't be more proud of them. 

Some of today's highlights:
-we learned our last rule set, then practiced with teack/ok AND switch! I even added the "because clapper" - and they took to it like moths to a flame! 
-we had a power pic lesson on sentences. I added a few gestures to the ones already on the card...When we say, "A sentence is a complete message that MUST begin with a capital letter and end with an end mark," we reach up to the ceiling when we say capital and hold both our hands out (like saying HALT) when we say end.

I have a university education major doing her pre-session practicum in my classroom and she was so impressed with our WBT! She couldn't believe this was only their 3rd day with me. It looked more like the first quarter or even semester, she said! (Ahhhh....I'm loving it!)

Here is a picture of my whiteboard today--with my 3 rule posters and the other WBT posters we have learned. I didn't get as many tallies on the scoreboard due to having 10 pages of pre-assessments for our new math curriculum! That took up most of our day--YUCK.

We have even started keeping track of one activity on the board-putting supplies away. The 31 seconds was when one of my darlings had dumped ALL her markers out and couldn't get them back in the box in a timely manner. (We had a little mini-lesson on that afterwards!)

Here is my Power Pix Wall:

I followed the Power Pix lesson outline today-I downloaded them on my iPad so I could access them quickly when needed! We got down through the yes/no way part.

I am looking forward to my first WHOLE week with WBT! I am so grateful to have found such a life-changing movement dedicated to helping teachers bring learning fun into the classroom. I can't imagine teaching any other way now. I have been sharing it with other teachers this week and they said they want me to do an inservice day and teach them about my "whole brain stuff!" And--my practicum student wants to learn more about WBT! 

Can I hear an, "Oh, YEAH!"


  1. I love WBT! I tried it in my classroom years ago and I'm committing myself to using it again this year. It really works and I hope you post more about it soon.
    Ms. A

  2. Good luck this year with your WBT strategies! I started on Monday and my little firsties seem to be catching on really quickly as well.



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