Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day with WBT!

Oh My!
I absolutely LOVED how our first day went.
It was so amazing and I am in awe of how well my little campers picked up on WBT! Of course I had a great outline to go by.

First of all, after parents were finished dropping them off, taking pictures and unloading school supplies I called for the class's attention - alas, no class/yes ... YET! They were eager and ready to listen anyway. Back up for one second-on their morning work activity they had a place to write their teacher's name. I told them it was posted some place in the room--most of them found it pretty quickly. I gave those that couldn't pick it out a hint (it is RED). So, when I was ready to introduce myself, I counted to 3 and had them say my name out loud. Then I explained that when I was talking, I expected them to look at me and stop talking (using gestures as I explained, of course). They responded well, and we went straight into the class/yes lesson.

The first few times I did not have as many responses as I would have liked, but we kept on plugging away! They had a bit of a harder time with the "anyway I say class, you say yes" part, which surprised me. They finally got the hang of it and did a good job the rest of the day--with some reminders of how to fold their hands and LOOK at me! Overall, I was pleased. :)

Next, we practiced rule 1. Fun! Since my 3 rules are adaptations of the 5, I introduced the first part of my rule 1--"follow directions quickly". Success! We practiced all day long--with LOTS of fun bursts thrown in randomly. After several practice sessions, I added the rest of it--( your best...make smart choices for all the rest) but we concentrated on the directions part for today.

Next, the scoreboard game. I LOVE introducing it as a game. I did not do it that way last year. It was so energetic and motivating for the kids, especially when I would give a smiley for a great job, but follow it up with a frownie for the few that were not looking, quieting down, etc. It got a few more on board rather quickly. TEACHER HEAVEN!

Here is my scoreboard at the end of the day (along with my Happy Camper lanyard--it has a scoreboard on one side and class roster checklist on the other).

I am so excited about how today went...I can't think straight! I hope my rambling makes sense! (By the way, they each got a s'more hand stamp for beating me at the scoreboard game!)

I introduced mirrors, the 3peat, teach/ok (yes, in first!) and did a power pic lesson on letters and words.

My big ahah moment was when I decided to try the 3peat for lines. I had never attempted it last year. I did bodies and chairs and other simple commands, but not LINES--wouldn't everyone lining up at the same time be chaos? NO---not the WBT way!

I did lots of prep work before we tried it...explaining how those closest to the door would obviously be the first to line up, how we must walk and how it was not a race. I asked it the tables in the front of the room should be first in line...they said, "no!"
AND--we even did a because---in response to, does it matter who gets in line first? No, BECAUSE we are all going to the same place, was their reply. (They are so smart!)

So...I took the plunge. I said, "LINES." They did it! Oh, sweet mama, I could hardly believe it! The next time, I was actually able to walk to the front of the line and out the door to recess...they were so quiet and orderly. I'm a believer!

I can't think if I did anything else today, but I'm so excited to be starting my year off the WBT way. Thank you, Coach B. for a wonderful outline and all the support you give us that makes teaching so enjoyable!

Here are some pictures of my classroom. I've already posted my Super Improver's Wall and Power Pic wall--(oops, didn't get a pic today after I added my two pics!)

How about you? How was your first day with WBT?
(Remember, if you'd like to know more about this amazing movement, just go to!)


  1. Congratulations on a fantastic first day! You are off to a great start, Melissa!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  2. Looks like you have a great WBT classroom. It's great that you were able to cover so much with first graders. I look forward to hearing how the rest of your year goes.

    Amy Patterson
    3rd grade



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