Saturday, September 1, 2012

WBT Certification and Some Freebies

I am so excited to be in the top rankings for
Whole Brain Teaching Certification!
I will be filming my teaching video in the next couple of weeks.
Then, all I'll have left is the oral interview and I'll be a Certified WBT Instructor! Yippee.
This class is still doing great. I'm loving it.
I have a couple that don't seem to be aware of their surroundings and are completely oblivious to class/yes and some of our other routines. It baffles me! I'll try to use the scoreboard to motivate them, but they will just look at me. They are really good kids, just not that into all the "hype!" Does anyone else have any kiddos like that?
I had two half-day sub days this week for DIBELS testing (about 98% of my class is ABOVE benchmark! Wow.) Those days I saw a marked change in behavior and the overall atmosphere of my room when I returned for the afternoon. The teacher was great and tried to use class/yes and the scoreboard--but only had a few tallies on it when I returned each day.
I'm still struggling to work that scoreboard to my advantage and ping-pong the points to get the class motivated. As always, when I stay hyped and excited -- so do they! I know if there is a lull in participation and motivation, I'm not doing my part!
On to my next WBT addition this year: The Forgotten Jewel of Whole Brain Teaching!
I created a handy-dandy tracking sheet so I can record observations, SIW stars (when I start that) and the weekly "score."
(Keep reading and I'll share it!)
The forgotten jewel is coming up with a classroom management average by assigning each student a score between 1 and 4. Add all the scores together and divide by the number of students in your class.
The key:
4=model student (always on task)
3=go along (follows model student)
2=fence sitter (some on/off days)
1=challenging (rarely on task)
My first full week CMA=2.54
I only had two 4s. The goal is to work on the 3s and help them move up to 4s and help your 2s move up to 3s, etc.
I'm interested to see how this works for me!
Click the picture below to get your free form:
For our space unit, I created 4 power pix to use for our vocabulary.
Click below if you'd like to grab them as well!
I have uploaded my Power Pix AND Power Pix Templates to Google Docs. You need PowerPoint to open and edit!
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  1. Melissa,
    Your score sheet is awesome! I was thinking about making on myself while I've got this extra long weekend (4 days added because of Hurricane Isaac). You beat me to it. I've already put all my students' names in and saved it so I can print it out each week.

    Julie aka Southern Teacher

  2. Congratulations on your certification. I just barely started. I have 7 of my blog posts done. 3 more to go!

    Thank you for the score sheet. I've been meaning to do this weekly, but haven't done it yet, and it is now week 4. Hopefully this sheet will motivate me to do it this weekend. I know that seeing progress from week to week will be a great motivator!

    I also totally agree about teacher motivation and the "lull". When I am not excited the students get quiet, and a bit lethargic. When I show excitement they light up!



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