Monday, September 30, 2013

Whew...feeling overwhelmed!

Well, I figured I'd better get a post on here!
I've been *treading water with my class this year! They are a real handful and not at all as embracing of WBT as last year's class! (*miss them)
I've got nobody but myself to blame, though!
I have to get myself energized...but my energy level is pretty much on empty.
On the last day of school last May, I pulled my back taking pictures for our Memory Books. What's worse...when I went to upload the pictures, I hadn't put my memory card back in after uploading our End of the Year Beach Party photos...UGH!!! So that is still bothering me...
Then, to beat all things...I started having some major foot pain towards the middle of July. By the time school had started, I realized it was Plantar Fasciitis. Yeah for me! I've since ordered one expensive pair of Orthoheel shoes. (But at least they're cute!)
I'm making it a goal to put on a smile, jazz up my energy output...and tackle this tough class!
Challenging...oh yeah!
Can I do it???
You bet!
Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Melissa,

    How have things been since September? I hope that WBT is working better for you, look forward to your news soon!



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