Thursday, January 30, 2014

Long Overdue...

I know, this is long overdue!
I can't seem to keep up with this blog lifestyle!
I'm still dealing with a back I pulled on the last day of school last year...plantar fasciitis, and now thyroid problems! Yikes---getting old is definitely NOT fun. (*turning 47 this year).
Plus, I was out sick the ENTIRE last week in December...
which means I missed--
our school Christmas Program,
finishing our awesome Christmas Traditions Unit,
our classroom performance of the 23rd Psalm for Chapel,
and our Christmas Party!!!!!
I was beside myself...and just had to *let it all go!
Now, we've missed 2 1/2 days for snow that was supposed to be only flurries! Penguin Presentations and Party postponed until Monday!
What a year!
Well, onto some uplifting news.
We are starting our biggest unit next week, my very favorite --our USA unit. It is a 4MATted unit (look up Bernice McCarthy and 4MAT) I created on the study of Symbols-of Self, School, Church, City, State...and mostly, Country. It lasts 6 weeks and concludes with a marvelous program for parents, friends, and neighbors.
These are 1/2 the characters--both first grades participate in this program.
I've also been trying to get some more products listed on my TpT store. Head over and check out my penguin products!

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