Saturday, August 23, 2014

Setting Up My Art Room...Pt 2

Well, last time I told you about my amazing art room rug project!
Now for my art room reveal! Here goes...(*BTW, my room is shaped like a trapezoid!! No kidding!)

Welcome to the art room! 
I created the fun banner that hangs over the double doors. I also printed out different paint splats and cut them from construction paper, then laminated. I love how it turned out!

To the left of the entrance, in the hall:

When you open the doors, this is the front of the room:
The color words are displayed on mock "paint can lids"--tied up with coordinating ribbons. This was something I worried about all summer (getting enough paint lids to do this project). I finally compared my print out to a gallon paint can lid and discovered it was too small! Glad I didn't waste time gathering up the real lids! Ends up, Wilton's 12 inch Corrugated Cake Circles were a perfect fit. I glued my printouts to them, leaving a small (1/2 to 3/4 in) margin. Then, I wrapped tin foil around and rolled it in, forming the lip all around the "lid." :)

Display to the left of the Promethean ACTIVboard:
This idea came from Mrs. Picasso's idea! See the original pin here.
I made the giant 3-D paintbrush from the inner tube of my 5x7 rug. I wrapped bulletin board paper around it and padded the tip end with some paper towels. I shredded some black paper and glued in the end, then wrapped the end with foil. I hung it from command hooks with fishing line. I will be putting up the I Can statements under each grade level and a sample of their weekly projects.

This is to the right of the ACTIVboard:
I loved incorporating the rules with the word, artist. I also wanted them to reflect the WBT rules---and they are:

To be an artist you must:
A-always follow directions quickly
R-raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat
T-tidy up (make a scrubbing motion)
I-imagine it (we do a two-handed example popper for this one--pulling TWO ideas out of our head)
S-smart choices
T-teacher kept happy

I also keep a scoreboard up for all classes. After the first class, I saw my MAJOR fail with my design! (*There are TWO classes of each grade!) I will post my updated version soon! Forgot to take a picture of it.

This is the wall to the right of entry.
Art planning books and resources are kept behind the rainbow curtains on the shelves. Art picture books for lessons and enjoyment are on the display shelves. You can see our meeting carpet (discussed in previous post). 

Here is a closer look at the shelves and display.
I used colored duct tape to spruce up these old shelves! The colored binders will be used for organizing lessons by grade I develop them (*sigh). Atop the shelves are samples of art projects before my time...

This is another version of my WBT rules. Rule 1 is about being responsible: Follow directions quickly, do your best. Make smart choices for all the rest. Rule 2 is about being respectful: Raise your hand, wait your turn. Keep your Dear Teacher happy so we all can learn. Rule 3 is to keep us safe: Walk or sit, don't push or hit. 

Pierre the Art Room Puppet helps me review the rules with the children each class for K-2. I used my Scholastic Bonus Points to get him for FREE!!! Woot woot! He was a surgeon in his previous career! A good teacher friend gave me the sweater off her back teddy bear's back. I ordered the beret off Etsy, and made the art apron from white felt.

You can also see my little bucket of Art Smart rewards. I will be giving these out for on-task behavior, helpfulness, or improvements made in behavior or skills. The little papers sticking out are my Art Room reports. I can quickly let the homeroom teacher know how their class did in art, as well as a tear-off Art Smart "award."
This is what the form looks like:

Doors (inside view):
When the kids line up at the end of class, we discuss if they were "ARTIST"s again. If they were (and won the scoreboard game) they get to put up a paint cake into their class watercolor pad. When the watercolors are full, they get a "free art" day.

I also write who earned ART SMART for the day and tell why!

Here is my desk area and display above:

Back Wall -inside Right:

Closer up of the Word Wall:

Back Wall, Inside Left:
From this view, you can see the supply shelves along the wall edges. I have 8 tables with 3 chairs at each. I used colored duct tape around the tables edges and had to spray paint 4 of the group buckets with spray paint made for plastics to get all the colors I needed! I poked a hole in the small trash cans and hung them on the legs of the tables from a Command hook.

This is the Montessori art area. Our PreK is a Montessori school. They will be coming to art class next week...wish me luck!!! :)

Nothing really new here...this is the fire exit and exit to playground. It is the left corner of the front wall and left side wall.

View standing by fire exit corner:

For the first week, I dressed up as Madame Smith- Ze Art tea-Cher!

Hope you enjoyed my art room tour!
I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest finding ideas to incorporate into this fun and artsy space!

Click HERE to see my Elementary Art Pinterest board!



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