Sunday, August 24, 2014

Computer Lab Makeover

Hello, again! As you recall, I have a new position which includes TWO classrooms this year! I spent most of my time on the art room, but here is my quick computer lab makeover!

The name of our lab is the Discovery Lab. In the past, little detectives with magnifying glasses have been used on passwords cards, etc. So...I KNEW I would go with a Spy/Agent theme!

Here is the outside door:
Very self-explanatory!  I used the yellow caution tape along with the black letter wall decals from Dollar Tree. I made the little "scan here" sign and the magnifying glass.

When you walk in, the "front" of the lab is actually the right-hand wall. (*see title pic above) I ordered the two large agent cutouts from Oriental Trading. My DH helped me hang them up. I made two badges for them to wear and gave them names (mainly for my OWN enjoyment, I'm just teaching K-5 for pity sake!) They are:
Special Agent Tera Byte and Special Agent Jay Peg.
(Get it????)

Ok, for the biggest project in the room...the window treatment. 
I used blue and black plastic tablecovers from Wal-Mart. I figured out how to efficiently make each panel. Hopefully you can follow along: Instead of folding and hole-punching each section, then stringing yarn or ribbon through to gather it, I put a piece of package tape between two of those blue chair backs, with sticky side up. (the length of the section needed). I quickly stuck the plastic tablecloth to the tape, overlapping a little each time to produce the ruffle effect. Then I simply took the taped ends off the chair backs and taped it to the wall. When I had all the sections up, I went back over the top edge with the CAUTION tape!

Under the window, you can see the Tech Word Wall. It has magnifying glasses for the letters. I will try to post a better pic of it!

This is the view of the left wall (*back of the room):
As well as the Discovery Lab, I call it the CIA. It stands for Computers In Action. To the right is our school mission statement. To the left of this picture is the teacher work area.

Bulletin Board close-up:

We have the school's color printer (for teachers) in the lab. LOTS of papers end up never being claimed. Here is the sign I made for them:

Inside door:

Lastly, the rules are posted on the cabinets above the entrance:

I dressed up as Special Agent Smith for the first week of classes!

There you go! Off to a great start in computer technology!

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  1. I am a new Technology teacher for the 5th grade this year. I love this. I am so going to try to copy to the best of my ability. Thank You for sharing. This rocks.



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