Sunday, March 10, 2013

WBT Slump~with Goals

Well, I've been in quite a slump!
I need a RE-BOOST! Ugh!
We are just finishing up our "Spring Break"--I say that loosely since we have to have our grades turned in for report cards upon our return on Monday. (Plus, I've been doing TAXES-yuck)
I am planning on hitting WBT strategies in a big way when we start back! Here are my goals:
  1. Review the BASICS using Coach B's NEW pdf file-
  2. Motivational Start EACH morning (Who's ready to learn today? WE'RE READY TO LEARN TODAY...etc.)
  3. Use that scoreboard MORE!
  4. Make 2-3 more videos before the end of the year
  6. Attend the 3-Day Conference this summer in Louisiana!

How about you? How is your Whole Brain Teaching going?
Leave me a comment! :)

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