Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scoreboard Questions Answered

This post is for my own benefit as well as others.
I recently had an email question about the scoreboard. Below you will find a transcript of the questions as well as my responses.
I hope it will be of use to some of you that are just starting out with WBT! I've let my scoreboard number slack off and am hoping to get that excitement and energy back into my class.
I am just trying bits of WBT this year.  I’m not having as much buy in to the idea of the scoreboard as I wanted.  I think there’s a few reasons, but could use some ideas.  I don’t think I’m using it often enough.  When do you use it?  I find kids are very slow at transitions and getting a smiley or frownie doesn’t mean a lot to some of them.
Another point I’m struggling with is how often and with what can I reward them for smiley frownies?  I was trying the “minute of extra” recess based on count @ end of day.  The transition issue, impacts this extra time… I haven’t trained them well enough somehow to line up quietly so we take too long and the extra minute is gone (so they don’t see the reward for smiley / frownie).  It’s a challenge to stop and count the total at the end of the day. I often don’t do it with the class until the next morning (which isn’t too terrible since the extra recess time is the that day) Any suggestions?  Should I build in more  small rewards (we have an am recess and then a lunch recess)?  Should I do the scoreboard from after AM recess until AM recess the next day?
I don’t understand “fun bursts”..could I mix these in somehow?
Interested in WBT but confused,

The key to the scoreboard is using it to the max! When you are putting 30-40 tallies on each day—you are keeping the kids pumped and “in the game”. I have to admit…it can slide by! I only had about 10 marks up last Friday! That’s the worst I’ve done. And I can tell a big difference when I let it slip!

Someone on the forums put together a nice list of rewards for winning the scoreboard. You might search for it. Some other ideas are:

A hand stamp, a sticker, 1 minute more center time, 1 minute more story time, get the principal to come in and congratulate them, let them choose where to sit for one class period, let them read with a friend during silent reading time, let them read with a stuffed animal during silent reading time…find things that will motivate them! Give them a few of the options and let them vote at the beginning of the day. Their buy in is crucial!

I’ve also done long-term rewards like giving one letter in the word MOVIE for each day they win the scoreboard. When they spell the word, they get the reward. We eat lunch in our classroom, so this is an easy reward for me to do during lunch.

Fun bursts are short periods of “practicing” the behaviors you are wanting—and ping ponging the scoreboard. Like this:

“Rule 1-“ (follow directions quickly)
“Oh, not fast enough!” –frownie/mighty groan
“Raise your hands.” (they do it quickly) “That’s what I’m talking about!” –smiley/oh yeah
“stand up” too slow, “sit down” yes! Etc….back and forth—giving smilies/frownies and getting ENERGY flowing in the room!
 As for lining up, I NEVER thought the 3peat of Lines, Lines, Lines would work for me. I thought it would be chaos! But, after really introducing it, modeling it, practicing it…my kids do it marvelously! It is quick and easy.

 Another thing that has helped me this year is a portable scoreboard and mini dry-erase marker. These help me keep track of points whenever I need to give them. I made the scoreboard small enough to fit in a badge holder on a lanyard. It is great having it so handy!

 Hope some of these ideas help! Keep at it! It is the most amazing way of teaching I’ve ever found.
One last scoreboard question/clarification…what about when you win the scoreboard?  Like I said, I just did 1-2 minutes on or off recess.  Do they lose something every day or just NOT earn the priviledge?
On the positive, you do reward it daily? Do you count the total at the end of the day so they see where they stood.  Do you feel it’s more effective to have the reward be that day (rather than the following day , like I’ve been doing with earning extra recess time).
Thanks again,
Sometimes they can lose recess time, or lose a privilege. Or they can just not earn the agreed upon reward.. Daily is best!

The kids can see the scoreboard and the tallies. I will also announce near the end of the day if they are really close, or "even Steven", so they can try to earn those last smilies...especially during dismissal!

It doesn't really take much time to see the total if you keep both sides even...remember YOU are in control of the scoreboard. Use it to your advantage!
Thank you so much for your quick and detailed response. I know there’s the You Tube videos, blogs etc. but I sure wish I could visit a classroom with it in place. Thanks again,

There is it! Hope it helps some of you, too!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WBT Video - Attempt #1

Finally...I have my first attempt at my WBT video for certification. I know I will need to do a few before I get to the exemplary level, but this might help some of you out there!


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